Lucky Dip

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Choose from either:

Lucky Dip 100 - You’ll receive a single mystery skein equaling 100g

Lucky Dip 200- you’ll receive at least 200g mystery yarn 

Lucky Dip 300 - you’ll receive at least 300g mystery yarn 


This is a lucky dip so may be of varying weights and colours. Some may be colourways you have already seen and others will be totally new to you. 
please leave a note in the shopping cart if you have a mohair allergy. 

*note* the price reflects what’s possible to receive in your lucky dip. With the LUCKY DIP 100 you will not receive mohair or suri as these are both under 100g however with both LUCKY DIP 200 and LUCKY DIP 300 you are highly likely to receive mohair or suri as part of your lucky dip and so the price reflects that.